The Power of Packaging

Packaging has a growing concern with the giant leap and bounce in trade and commerce, not only in India but also across the globe. We, Kranti packaging pledge to play role of a strong link in the strong value chain of our clients. The business world is changing at lightning speed and so the business practices and customer expectations also. From brick and mortar to online marketing, packaging is getting valued more and more, day by day. Hence, manufacturers and suppliers look for the packaging products which are generic as well as customized. Kranti Packaging has gauged the potential of packaging industry in the coming days and has taken off to become one of the best, dependable, dynamic packaging companies of the region.


Keeps Products Safe and In Right Condition until it is delivered


Adds value to Products


Facilitates Logistics


Enables New Product Development

Inception and Ascent of Kranti...

Kranti Packaging, a firm incepted in 2011, with a strong intent of breaking barriers and setting new pursuit in packaging industry and ambition by young entrepreneurs Mungpara family. The objective was to excel in packaging business and aim was to add value to packaging function. Along with the brought in capital, the young entrepreneurs had the asset of technical know how, vision, foresight and knowledge of industry key success factors. It was a well thought decision which reaped desired success for Kranti. We can proudly share the sales figures ascending consistently. When we started, our bill amount was 35 lakhs. In 2012, Kranti got Excise Registration. From the first year sales figure of Rs. 35 Lakhs, now we are standing at the yearly business of Rs. 8 Crores, in spite of business cycle fluctuations in the region and the country. Our march of growth has unstopped and uninterrupted. One of the reasons is we know our customers and their requirements and obviously meet them.



Vision Statement of Kranti

“To be the Benchmark in Packaging industry and to be the most preferred, dependable Value Chain Partner of National and Multinational Companies”


Mission Statement of Kranti

“Always focusing on core competencies of Packaging Industry with vigor and dynamism to have a technical edge over competitors in Packaging Industry” Kranti is determined of adhering to its mission and vision and has set on to become a glocal company. A local firm with global market and clientele is the long range blueprint of Kranti, conceived by us. Vision and mission are incomplete without strong intent i.e. the inner commitment to mission and vision. We are strongly committed to our mission and vision and this can be reflected in our actions. Kranti is restless to grow and achieve its desired destination. After having started with a seed capital of merely 60 lacks, today our total investment has crossed 3 crores including fixed and movable assets. We have got SSI registration which allows us to look for government agencies and industries.


Our Core Values...

Kranti has set core values that always guide us and enlighten our path.

There are four core values :

Customer and Quality Values : We value our customers. Customers are god for us and we are abiding to provide the best quality products to our customers. We are always open to know what they expect, what their demands, and customization. Looking to their requirements, we provide the best quality products at right time at right quotes. We solicit their suggestion as they are our valued stakeholders. Our dealings with customers are transparent and our practices are fair.

Professional and Moral Values : We never compromise with ethics. Our suppliers, our distributors, government agencies-authorities and all our stakeholders prefer to deal with us because from procuring to payment, we follow ethics. It is one of the pillars, kranti stands upon. We take privilege to say that since our inception; hardly any of our stakeholders has complained or have been having any grievances with us.

Employee Values : Our employees are none else but our family members. They are treated with full dignity. Our supervision techniques never involve any kind of torture nor misbehavior. Our wages and salaries are fair and motivating. Through all these fair HR practices and values, we get precision and perfection in work. They pour their heart and soul in their work. Our turnover ratio is very low.

Environmental Values : Our plant is established in an environment friendly ambience. It results into less energy consumption. We have energy saving practices like good ventilation and illumination through sun light. Our products are recyclable and can be used for longer periods. We also rely upon the recycling of resources when it possible. Kranti believes in helping maximum and harming minimum the society. In future, we have sincere plans to become a green enterprise Our core values enable us of our role; we play in the society and for the society.


As Quality is one of our core values, we take no chance in the practices like quality control and quality assurance. We a full fledge lab, functioning to make quality test in our plant. Kranti never compromise while procuring and receiving the raw material and delivering finished products to customers. We have Digital Bursting and Strength Testing Machine that can test the endurance and strength of packaging related items. The experienced supervisors monitor all the activities carefully and vigilantly and offer constructive suggestions if any. The target is high precision product with notice worthy finishing. Each and every lot of production passes through such quality test and defects if any is caught immediately through monitoring. However, we must say that the defect rate ratio to total production is negligible at Kranti.


We are situated in Lothadaa Industrial Estate, a rapidly developing industrial sight, outskirts of Rajkot. The location provides us an easy access to the sources of raw material, cheaper labor, transportation, communication and also an smooth access to market. The location itself is an competitive advantage for us.



Kranti is well-equipped with latest machines. We are proud to share that we have touched the capacity of 2000 to 3,00,000 boxes (Depend On Size) everyday! It allows us to meet big orders and to deliver within shorter span of time. At present our machineries include :

Corrugation Machines

Pasting Machines

Die-cutting and Punching Machines

RS-4 with Printing Machine (Imported)

Rotary Creasing Cutting Machine

Slotting Machine

Stitching Machines

Stapling Machines

So, we are fully set for providing all types of packaging solutions. We have mastered in cushion packaging with a zigzag pattern also which is considered challenging in the world of packaging.

The Customer Base

Kranti packaging has won the prestige as a consistent and reliable packaging manufacturer. This claim is backed by the list of our reputed customers to whom; we have reached directly or through channel partners. We take credit that our customers include multinational and pan national companies. They are :


Along with the above giants, we have penetrated into regional market also just on the basis of our quality and consistency. Our client drop-out ration is also negligible.


Industries Served

As we say, we provide all type of packaging solutions so the industries served by us includes all consumer durables, industrial products, intermediate products, pharmaceuticals, FMCG, electrical and electronics. Where there is packaging, we are required.


Future Plans

We have ambitions which are balanced. We not only believe in maximizing our profits and financial statements but, we are also interested in winning customer loyalty, high brand eauity, internal excellence and innovation. Especially we want to serve the nation by serving the firms which are value oriented, government agencies and various government establishments. Dynamism and vigor are in the centre of our decisions and actions. Kranti wants to expand as it is confident enough to fly high. We want nothing less than excellence as excellence is a sin-quo-non of success in today's market. Future Plans


Kranti Packaging
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We have a well established infrastructural facility characterized by latest technology and well trained workforce. The integrated manufacturing unit boasts hi-tech equipment that guarantees precision in every process. Our employees are trained to follow best international practices throughout the complete business process in order to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

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